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interpretazione Jazz e Pop
Biography   An Italian lyric Soprano, began her studies at the Conservatory of Giueseppe Verdi in Milan studying both traditional trumpet and voice. She is currently a member of The Conservatory’s Vocal Chamber Music of higher education in Art & Music (AFAM). She studied also vocal technique and Repertory Theater (Opera).    In 2011 while at the Conservatory of Milan, she accepted a prestigious scholarship from the Lombardy Region and has been given the title "interpreter for the pop music" in the European Center of Tuscolano C.E.T, directed by the distinguished Italian writer Giulio Rapetti Mogol.  To celebrate the instrumental characteristics of her voice and passion for singing, the scholarship is also dedicated to the research and study of excerpts from the international vocal repertoire including international POP, jazz, Italian and foreign popular culture songs and the collaboration of various authors, arrangers and composers. In addition, Serena took Dance and Baroque gestures. She is Classical dancer and she completed her studies at the school AIDA in Milan and  Took Character Dace with several internationally acclaimed teachers. SerenaErba        soprano SPECIAL PREMIO HOME Home Approfondimento biografico Repertorio Galleria Tesi ed elaborati